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Benefit year end

What is a benefit year?

Your benefit year is the 52-week period when you can receive unemployment benefits on your claim. It usually begins the Sunday of the week you first apply for benefits.

How many weeks of benefits do I get in a benefit year?

You are typically entitled to up to 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits during your benefit year.

You might use up your benefits before the end of your benefit year. If that happens, you must wait until your benefit year ends until you can be eligible for benefits again.

What to do when you reach the end of your benefit year

If you still need unemployment benefits, you can reapply once your benefit year ends. The best and fastest way to apply for unemployment benefits is online. See the Unemployment benefits page to learn more.

If you were receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)...

Federal pandemic unemployment benefits, which included PUA and PEUC, have now ended. The week ending on Sept. 4,2021, was the last payable week for these programs.

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Do weeks from my previous benefit year carry over to the new one?

If you have weeks of regular unemployment benefits left when your benefit year ends, these weeks do not carry over into the new benefit year.