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ESD employee resources

Severe inclement weather/natural disaster information:

Find complete information on what to do if inclement weather is affecting your area: http://insideesd/personnel/inclement-weather   

Leave questions
Many leave questions can be answered on the Taking weather-related leave: FAQs page on InsideESD. 

Emergency hotline
For Maple Park and the Lacey Claims Center, call 877-871-4948 to get the operational status when there is severe inclement weather, natural disaster, or other type of emergency.

The hotline is updated when there are severe inclement weather events in Thurston County with the goal of updating the line by 5:30 a.m. if the event occurs outside of work hours.

WorkSource inclement weather plans
Area administrators are responsible for communicating the operating status of their offices to employees. If you are unsure of how to receive inclement weather operating status information for your WorkSource office, contact your supervisor or manager.

Inclement weather policy
In order to ensure consistency across the agency in handling approval for severe inclement weather leave, ESD refers to Article 16 of the state’s collective bargaining agreement for represented employees and WAC 357-31 for non-represented employees.  Check out the Severe inclement weather and natural disaster planning page, which provides information about the leave policy for inclement weather.

Additional Resources: Inclement Weather Preparedness & Information

  • Extreme cold weather preparedness information from weather.gov.
  • Hypothermia can set in after just 30 minutes when temperatures are below 31 degrees. Add a slight breeze to those temps and hypothermia progresses even faster. Check out this wind chill chart.
  • If you have pets outdoors, here is some great information from the American Veterinary Medical Association on keeping your pets safe.


Additional helpful links for employees:

For employment verifications, email ESDGPPayrollHROperations@esd.wa.gov