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Employer resources


Whether you need to hire employees, are facing layoffs, or have to let an employee go, we have resources and information that can help you. 

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WA Cares Fund

Washington is the first state in the nation to make long-term care more affordable for workers. As many of us watch our parents and grandparents age, we start to wonder, “who will take care of me when I get older and how will I afford it?” WA Cares Fund gives members access to a lifetime benefit amount they can use on a wide range of long-term services and supports—should you need it.


Return to work

Please visit the Return to work page for a range of resources for workers and employers.

The Refusal of work page responds to questions about an employee not returning to their job, as well as potential employer responses.


Forms and publications library

ESD has recently updated our publications library with a new required workplace poster listing domestic violence resources. Employers must display required posters where their employees can read them. Copies of all ESD workplace posters are available on our Employer Resources Forms and Publications web page. Posters are designed to be printed on demand, on 8 ½ x 11 paper, and can be produced in color or black and white.


Paid Family and Medical Leave

Paid time off when your employees need it most.

Skilled staff are more likely to stay with you if they know they will have a job waiting for them when they return. Retain your staff and avoid expensive turnover with Paid Family and Medical Leave.

You’re also eligible if you’re self-employed.

Employers of every size are required to collect premiums and submit reports to the state each quarter. You are also required to notify your employees about the program.

Learn more on our new website at www.paidleave.wa.gov


WorkSource business services

WorkSource is a partnership of organizations, including the Employment Security Department, that is committed to developing a workforce with the skills your business needs. 

Our business solutions professionals can help you make connections to grow and sustain your business, including:

  • Workforce planning.
  • Labor market data.
  • Online recruitment tools at WorkSourceWA.com.
  • Staffing resources, including job fairs and hiring events.
  • Tax incentives.
  • Worker training.
  • Layoff aversion and/or assistance.

WorkSource services are free to employers thanks to careful stewardship of public funding and leveraged resources. Please take time to watch this video on WorkSourceWA.com and WorkSource services.   

Login to your WorkSource Employer Account | Post a job | Watch the WorkSourceWA.com video | Talk to a WorkSource Business Solutions Professional | WorkSource frequently asked questions

Reduction in staff

When there is a job separation, employees will likely apply for unemployment benefits.  An employer will then receive and be required to respond to paperwork from the Employment Security Department (ESD).  We will send you notices about benefits your employees collect or try to collect. Always review these notices carefully to make sure your account reflects the correct benefit charges and to help reduce fraud.

You can reply to these notices by mail or online using eServices.  Learn more about eServices for employers

Below are the forms you will receive, and some information about the process.

What you'll receive from us:

Request for Separation Information
Lists the reason your former employee gave for no longer working for you.  Please respond to this notice within 10 days or the department may allow benefits based on the weight of evidence.

Notice to base year employer
Summarizes the wage data you provided and shows the benefit amount for the employee named.  This must be received or postmarked within 30 days of the date your first notice was mailed

Wage verification
You will receive this form if you report wages for an employee on your tax report and there is a high probability that the employee received unemployment benefits for the same time period.

Statement of benefit charges
Lists the name and Social Security number of each employee and outlines the charges made to your account. You can receive more information regarding relief of benefit charging.

Avoid layoffs

Avoid layoffs with the SharedWork program

SharedWork keeps your workforce intact during temporary economic setbacks. Your employees receive wages when they work and unemployment benefits for the hours they don’t.

When you use this program as an alternative to reducing your workforce, you'll be better prepared to gear up quickly when the economy recovers. Read more on the SharedWork webpage.

Employer information

When one of your former employees files for unemployment benefits, we will let you know.  We ask you for information that will help us make a decision to grant or deny benefits.  Your facts are important to our decision-making process. The links below detail your rights and responsibilities, and answer the common questions we receive from employers.

Information we will need from you
Find out what information we will need from you when a former employee files for unemployment benefits.

Unemployment eligibility for workers
The decision to allow or deny benefits is based on the information provided to us. Your prompt response is important, as we will consider any facts you provide in our decision process.

Disagree with claim filed?
If you disagree with the information the claimant provided to us, you must respond to the notice we send you.

Temporary layoffs and standby rules
Standby waives job search requirements while workers are collecting unemployment benefits during the approved standby period.

Small business resources

Find detailed information about starting, operating or closing a small business in Washington state.

Business.wa.gov | Doing business in Washington | Small business guide | Preparing for an audit | Providing health insurance for yourself and your employees


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