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Request for Separation Information

After a worker applies for unemployment benefits, we send a Request for Separation Information (RSI) to their former employers. Employers must review the worker's job separation information and provide more information as necessary.


  1. If you have signed up for eServices and have access to locked services through EAMS, you can view and respond to RSIs electronically.
  2. If you signed up for SIDES , follow the instructions we send you by email or letter. SIDES (State Information Data Exchange System) E-Response allows employers to respond to separation requests via a separate website.
  3. If you have not signed up for SIDES E-Response or eServices, complete and return the paper RSI letter sent to your address of record by US mail by the date noted in the letter.

About the RSI letter

Below are examples of the RSI letters if the worker:

If the worker does not provide a specific reason for quitting or being fired, the letter is more generic than the examples above.

Note the term “lack of work" used on the form could mean:

  • The position was eliminated.
  • There is no full-time work available.
  • The assignment ended.

What to do with the letter: Send us the information requested

Include all supporting documents and details related to the job separation.

If you don't send your completed RSI or respond to our electronic request by the date noted in the letter, we will pay unemployment benefits to the eligible worker based on the information we have. These benefit payments may impact your experience rating.

How it works if you use eServices

eServices is a secure website for conducting much of your Employment Security Department business.

Learn more on our eServices for employers page.

How it works if you use SIDES E-Response

Employers who sign up for SIDES E-Response can use a separate website to respond to unemployment insurance requests from employees.

You’ll receive notifications when an employee files for unemployment insurance.

Once you respond to a notification, you’ll receive a confirmation number and downloadable PDF for your records.

How to sign up for SIDES E-Response

Employers can sign up for SIDES E-Response after logging in to eServices.

Log into SIDES E-Response with:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) without the hyphen.
  • ESD number.
  • SIDES personal identification number (PIN).

If you don’t know this information, you can find it by logging in to eServices at esd.wa.gov and selecting “SIDES E-Response.”

SIDES E-Response resources

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