WA Cares Fund

Ensuring all Washingtonians have access to affordable long-term care when they need it.

Washington is the first state in the nation to make long-term care more affordable for workers. As many of us watch our parents and grandparents age, we start to wonder, “who will take care of me when I get older and how will I afford it?” WA Cares Fund gives members access to a lifetime benefit amount they can use on a wide range of long-term services and supports—should you need it.


How WA Cares benefits Washington workers

  • It’s affordable. The WA Cares Fund is an affordable long-term care insurance program for all working Washingtonians.
  • It offers choice. WA Cares empowers us to control how and where we receive long-term care.
  • It provides peace of mind. We no longer have to worry about how we will afford long-term care as we age.

Questions? Learn more at wacaresfund.wa.gov today.


Employer Information

We’ve got your back. There’s plenty to know about WA Cares, and we’re committed to making your experience as easy as possible by providing the tools and information you need. Take a look:

  • Visit wacaresfund.gov to learn about the benefit and what to expect. Your workers may look to you when they have questions about WA Cares, and we invite you to share our website as a resource. Our contact info is available if they need assistance.
  • Check out our Employer page for helpful program information relating to your business. You can also find more resources in our Employer Toolkit, including a multi-language flyer that can help workers understand the benefit.
  • Read our Learn More page to read our frequently asked questions, including specific questions for employers.
  • Learn how self-employed workers can opt in to WA Cares.