Acceptable Training Benefits training programs

An acceptable training program is a course of education that:

  • Takes place at a school or training facility and in a training program on the Eligible Training Provider List approved by the Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board.
  • Provides you with skills that will allow you to get a job in an occupation that is in high demand in your labor market, as determined by your local workforce development council.
  • Is not primarily intended to meet the requirements of a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Dislocated workers and certain disabled individuals may qualify to attend part-time training. All other participants must take training that the school or training facility deems full-time.

Program participants are responsible for providing progress reports to maintain their eligibility.

Modifications to approved training programs require Employment Security Department approval. To request a change see Modify your approval link below and complete the Request to Modify Training Plan form.

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