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About Employer Account Management Services (EAMS)

Three important messages to all employers and third-party administrators

1. You must upgrade to our new version of EAMS before you file your fourth-quarter tax report.

EAMS is the Employer Account Management System for filing quarterly wage reports and paying unemployment taxes. If you’re eligible to upgrade, you’ll see an upgrade alert after logging in. We are gradually making this upgrade available to all customers in time to file fourth-quarter reports. The updated EAMS is designed to perform better and improve your experience.

If you submit files in bulk or if you need to make amendments to your report:
Use the old version of EAMS until Nov. 28, 2022. After that date, you can use the new EAMS for these tasks as well.

How to upgrade to the new EAMS

  • Log into SecureAccess Washington and sign into EAMS.
  • If you’re eligible to upgrade, you will see an upgrade alert at the top of the page.
  • Select the link and follow the instructions.
  • If you don’t see the upgrade alert, don’t worry! It will be in place for you to file your fourth-quarter tax report.

Learn more about the upgrade:

2. Update your files and software with our new payment addresses.

The Employment Security Department (ESD) changed to U.S. Bank for unemployment insurance taxes and benefits. As a result, our payment addresses for employers also changed.

Please update any processes, forms, files or software with these new addresses by Dec. 31, 2022.

3. Stay informed about issues important to employers. 

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EAMS is a secure online option for filing quarterly wage reports and paying unemployment-insurance taxes. We recommend EAMS as an all-in-one option for submitting wage reports, paying taxes and managing your account with us. IMPORTANT: When setting up EAMS, be sure to enroll in locked services. You'll need locked services to access all of the features listed.

Please note: The Employment Security Department (ESD) offers two versions of EAMS. If you used EAMS prior to the third quarter of 2019, you used the original version of EAMS designed for accounting firms or business service companies that file for many employers at once. If you file on behalf of one employer you should use the new version of EAMS. The new EAMS for Single Filers is designed to improve the user experience and provide improved performance — but currently, it does not have all of the features that the exist in the old version of EAMS.

How EAMS can make your work easier and faster:

  1. Copy data from one quarter to the next
  2. Save, view and amend reports
  3. Print reports
  4. Save unfinished work
  5. Auto-calculate excess wages
  6. View payment history
  7. Cancel pending payments
  8. Amend reports
  9. View account activity
  10. Control user accounts

How to set up your EAMS account:

Please plan ahead. The required security measures take additional time.

  1. Read the step-by-step set up instructions.
  2. Set up an account in SecureAccess Washington and log in.
  3. Set up EAMS as a service in SAW: from the 'My Secure Services' menu, select Employment Security Department, then select EAMS.
  4. Request access to locked services in EAMS. (A very important step. Without it you can't save your work, amend reports or use the best features of EAMS). Screen-by-screen instructions
  5. Know that EAMS times out after 60 minutes. This is a security feature. With locked services you can save your work as you go. Without locked services, work not submitted before 60 minutes will be lost. You can still file reports and pay taxes without locked services -- just be sure to complete your work within one hour.

Additional help and information:

Contact us

Technical support:  Contact information for employers by topic