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The unemployment imposter fraud attack on our state earlier this year has been, and remains, a dynamic and fluid situation. Since the department’s initial announcements in May, many other states have disclosed they too were victims of these attacks.

Consistent with what the department has shared since the attack first occurred, the numbers will continue to be updated as further fidelity on them is gained. The numbers below reflect the most recent analysis, as of November 2020.

Impact of the unemployment imposter fraud attack in the spring of 2020:

  • Fraudulent claims (Known, suspected or probable): 122,000
  • Net fraudulent funds stolen: $243 million
    • Total fraudulent funds stolen: $600 million
    • Total fraudulent funds recovered: $357 million

Why are the numbers from this attack still changing?

In May, the department estimated between $550 and $650 million in benefit payments had been stolen in this imposter fraud attack.

The Commissioner of the Department provided an update in August 2020, after gaining further clarity on the impacts of the imposter fraud attack.

The total funds stolen is expected to remain within the department’s initial estimates. Recovery of funds is ongoing and the number of dollars returned is expected to continue to increase.