ALERT: UIWeb Tax no longer available for filing tax and wage reports

Updated Feb. 28, 2020

UIWeb Tax has been phased out and replaced by the new Employer Account Management System (EAMS). You must use the new system to submit your 2020 first quarter tax and wage reports, due in April.

We launched the new EAMS in January. More than half of employers who were using UIWeb Tax have already made the switch. The new system provides better security for data, an improved user experience, and better performance.

Be Prepared 

Get ready to use the new system by setting up a SecureAccess Washington account now, if you don’t already have one. Once you are in SAW, select Add a New Service then select My Unemployment Insurance (new EAMS singles) under the Employment Security Department drop down menu.

As it is presently deployed, the new EAMS is designed for businesses that pay taxes on behalf of one employer, as opposed to bulk filers like accounting firms or business services companies that submit reports on behalf of many employers. Users who are bulk filers or need to make amendments should use the SAW link labeled “Employer Account Management Services (EAMS)”.

Here are links to some very important documents that you'll want to review. And more information can be found on our About New EAMS page.


If you need more information, call the Account Management Center at 855-829-9243.