ALERT: Washington’s Single Sign-on Portal gets a facelift

Posted August 3, 2018

A message from Washington Technology Solutions

Don't worry! All your data, login information, and services will remain the same.

A major change to the way that more than 5.4 million users view and interact with SecureAccess Washington (SAW) is set for Aug. 3. SAW is the state’s website where citizens can log on to conduct a host of state transactional services such as renewing vehicle tabs or pay state business taxes.

What’s happening?

The new user interface (UI):

  • More clearly shows that SAW is operated by Washington state.
  • Features agency logos so customers have more continuity when accessing SAW from an agency site.
  • Increases accessibility by improving the display on mobile devices.
  • Offers enhanced help features to improve guidance for users.
  • Results in users getting help faster through improved email and phone call routing processes.

The 25 state agencies that rely on SAW for their secure transactions include the Department of Licensing, the Employment Security Department, the Department of Health, Labor and Industries, Department of Social and Health Services, Fish and Wildlife, and many more.

SecureAccess Washington is managed by Washington Technology Solutions, the state’s central services agency for information technology. A fact sheet on the SAW user interface updates includes more detailed information.   

Call (360) 586-1000 (press 1 for Secure Access Washington) or email


ALERTA: El portal SecureAccess Washington (SAW) renovará su fachada

Publicado el agosto 3, 2018

Este es un mensaje de Washington Technology Solutions

¡No se preocupe! Todos sus datos, información de acceso y los servicios continuarán igual.

El 3 de agosto, más de 5.4 millones de usuarios verán un cambio significativo en la forma en interactúan con SecureAccess Washington (SAW) el sitio del estado donde se hacen muchos trámites y transacciones con el gobierno del estado.

Las agencias que interactúan con SAW para transacciones seguras incluyen el Departamento para la Seguridad del Empleo así como los siguientes departamentos: Licencias,  Salubridad, Labor & Industrias, Servicios Sociales y de Salud, Pesca y Fauna y muchos otros más.

Washingron Technology Solutios administra SecureAccess Washington. Si tiene preguntas comuníquese con SecureAccess Washington al 360-586-1000 x 1 ó