GCDE projects

We have general membership meetings three times a year. Between those meetings, established subcommittees meet to work on special projects that were recommended by each subcommittee and approved by the general membership.

Project-focused subcommittees

Governor’s Employer Awards Program
Recognizes and promotes the achievements of employers and individuals who have improved employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  

Community Outreach
Conducts outreach, information and advocacy events in communities throughout the state.

The Community Outreach Subcommittee met in Omak, Washington in May.  Omak is located in Okanogan County which is the largest county in the state.  You can review the meeting summary that was sent to meeting participants and local elected officials.  If you have questions, or are interested in having the Community Outreach Subcommittee come to your community, please contact Melinda Johnson at MSJohnson@esd.wa.gov.

Recruits and evaluates applicants, makes appointment recommendations to the Governor, and supports the development of the potential of the committee's members.  

Youth Leadership Forum (July 23-28, 2017)

Provides a six-day residential leadership development program for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities.

Resources for students with disabilities:

For more information, please email the committee staff at gcde@esd.wa.gov.

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