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Pay taxes and file quarterly reports

Employers must file wage and tax reports for each quarter, even if the business has no employees for the quarter and even if you're unable to pay your taxes. Read the law.

How to file quarterly reports: online and paper options

Use EAMS, our online Employer Account Management Services. EAMS lets you:

  • File reports and pay taxes online in one application
  • Save your work as you go
  • Copy employee data from one quarter to the next
  • Auto-calculate excess wages
  • Amend reports
  • View past reports
  • Set up EAMS using our step-by-step instructions
  • If you already use EAMS, log on now
  • Other online options

  • UIWebTax (Limited to 2,000 or fewer employees)
  • ePay If not using EAMS, use ePay to pay taxes online 
  • Paper forms

  • Request tax forms (Not available online. Forms are printed with special inks.)
  • Payment coupon (Use if mailing a check)

  • Reporting requirements and information

    2014 tax rate chart
    2014 tax rate calculator

    FAQ - Tax rates 
    FAQ - Filing 
    FUTA / IRS 940 certification or recertification
    No-payroll reporting requirements
    Professional employer organizations requirements
    Public Works requirements 
    Report-filing requirements - who and what you must report  
    Social Security number reporting requirements
    Zero-hour reporting requirements

    Due dates and help

    Contact information for employers
    Due date chart
    How the unemployment insurance works 
    Sign up for email reminders and information     
    Tax workshops
    Technical help with online tax filing 
    Video - Tax planning
    Video - Prepare for an audit 

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