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We audit employers' records to ensure that wages and hours are accurately reported as required by Washington state's unemployment-insurance laws and rules. Being selected for audit does not mean you violated any laws or rules.

How far back we audit

We typically audit three years worth of records. If an auditor finds questionable business practices, the audit may expand. Read the law.

What we audit

We look at financial documents, accounting and employment records that are required by law. We will send a letter detailing what we need. We typically review: 

  • Payroll, accounting and employee time records
  • Business ownership records and licenses
  • Bank records, financial statements, check registers, general ledgers and invoices
  • State and federal tax records, including IRS Form 1099s
  • Subcontractor registration numbers, copies of contracts and invoices
  • Corporate officer opt-in forms

We look for proper reporting of your employees and independent contractors. We also ensure compliance with unemployment-insurance laws and rules including RCW 50.04.100RCW 50.04.140RCW 50.04.270RCW 50.04.320, and RCW 50.12.070.

How to prepare for an audit

How to appeal audit findings

  • Audit appeal process

  • How businesses are selected for audit

    • We analyze data from multiple agencies looking for patterns of inconsistent reporting.
    • We audit companies in industries that historically show a high level of non-compliance.
    • We audit employers that transfer ownership and reclassify the business type.
    • We investigate reports of fraud submitted by citizens.
    • We audit employers randomly selected by computer (about 10 percent of our total).

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