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File your weekly claim

After you apply for unemployment benefits, you must file a weekly claim at the beginning of the next week in order to begin receiving benefits. Then, you must file a claim each week until you want your benefits to stop.

How to file

  • File online; or
  • Call 800-318-6022 to use the automated phone system; or
  • Call 800-365-8969 if you are a TTY user.

When to file

  • Anytime between midnight on Sunday through Friday at 5 p.m. (unless Friday is a holiday).
  • Every week you want to claim benefits. (The first week is your waiting week. You must file a weekly claim for this week, but you will not be paid for it.)

You should file a weekly claim every week, even if you’re waiting to:

  • Find out if you qualify for benefits.
  • Have wages and hours added to your claim.
  • Appeal a denial of benefits.


Week 1
John is laid off on the 1st and
applies for unemployment benefits that day.
Week 2
He files his first weekly claim on the 7th for the week that ended on the 6th. (The first week is a waiting week for eligible filers. No payment is issued for the waiting week.)
Week 3
He files another weekly claim 
for the week that ended on the 13th. 
(The first payment is issued for this week, if eligible.)
Week 4
He files a weekly claim every week until his benefits are used up.

 Example calendar of when to file

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