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Extended Benefits


What are extended benefits?

Extended benefits are additional benefits that are available during periods of high unemployment in the state.

These benefits are different than the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits.  Learn more about EUC benefits.

Are Extended Benefits available in Washington?

Extended benefits were available in Washington from February 15, 2009, through April 21, 2012. Due to the improved unemployment rate, this state no longer qualifies for extended benefits.

If I have benefits remaining in my extended-benefits account on April 21, can I go ahead and claim them?

We cannot pay extended benefits for any weeks after April 21, 2012, even if you have a balance remaining.

Remember, when you file a weekly claim, it's always for the previous week. So, be sure to file a claim the week of April 22 to cover April 15-21. After that, you will receive no more benefits on your existing claim.

I live in Washington but my claim is in another state that qualifies for extended benefits. Can I still claim extended benefits?

Extended benefits are paid by the state in which you filed your claim.  Typically, states can pay you only two weeks of extended benefits if the state where you live is not in an extended-benefits period. However, you must contact the state directly to find out about extended-benefits payments.


If you have additional questions, you can send an email to the EUC/EB Unit or call 877-558-8509 (toll-free).

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